Most of the people seek problem according to their cpu and have a question in their mind “Why won’t my program use more than 25% of the CPU”? Any program on computer consumes some proportion of CPU which collectively piles up the total burden on your RAM. All what matters for good processing speed is a good processor and accessory RAM which supports rapid file retrieving and processing.

Set more than 25% of CPU:

It is therefore necessary to manage the processor consumption over each program in order to make it working fast. There are multiple techniques and tips which can help you reducing the used proportion by minimizing the useless activities and side-by processing with each program.

This is a learning tutorial about how you can control CPU usage and makes your Excel use more than 25% of your CPU to work more efficiently, as in general case, it hardly uses this percentage. It is certified by the Microsoft community that a normal office suit works on 25% of your RAM. Below are some of the functioning tips that actually work for this purpose;

  • Shut down unnecessary opted programs
  • Narrow down Excel usage to core
  • Use complex sheets and VBA codes running on it
  • Add up memory for it
  • Use multiple threads for processing

Go to File > Options >Advance and find the option of Formulas and processor by scrolling. From here you can devise core CPU consumption for Excel.

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