Working with Excel files sometimes need to share them cross the platform. For this very reason you can send through email address in specified formats, out of which, one compatible form is .CSV format. This format is the type input accessory that places any record or file in comma separated values due to identical existences in the same file.

It keeps any break or separation between two terms on the note and thus it is not necessary to interpret this data as binary numbers. Converting any file into this format will automatically place apart different values.

For the purpose of conversion and the procedure about how you can email it to some address using .CSV format of Excel file spreadsheet, there are different software tools and methods that can help you converting them appropriately. You can either work on an Excel spreadsheet and save it in your computer

  1. While saving, from file type option you can select .CSV format as file type and another method is by downloading conversion software.
  2. Add file to add and select the desired output mode.

Once you have done editing the file you are over with pragmatic entries on the note, now press start or click convert button on the tool. It will automatically convert every segment of the document into relevant format. You can select output folder to save this document.

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