MS Excel is widely and excessively used in all field of professional documentation and helps you pile up the professional data into summarized and simpler form which can be easily understand. This imposition is almost similar for latest and previous versions. You can find broad range of features and inserting items while using this platform but it is quite often when you don’t find relevant symbols and characters to complete the notation of subjected portion.

Purposeful insertion of different characters and symbols in Excel work sheets become a very serious trouble as you find no character key relevant to your requirement. For this very purpose, there are customized symbols and objected insurable characters which you can use alternatively. Using VBA, you can create externally optimized items for your Excel work sheet which is not the regular feature of its panel. Below here are a few simpler steps which can illustrate you the method to create these customized characters;

  • Click the insert button on the tool bar and select symbol button
  • You can either insert any symbol by selecting a changed font or language
  • You can also select symbols from symbol-subset drop down
  • After choosing the desired symbol, click insert to bring it on the sheet
  • Press enter so that it become an entry of the cell

Using these basic methods, you can easily increase the input capacity of your Excel sheet.

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