RGB color module is the array of wide spread color shades which result in with different combinations of three primary colors red, green and blue and therefore names up to the initial letters of these colors. A Hex value or Hexadecimal value is the corresponding binary code sequence which arises in result to any graphical command given or instructed to the computer.

For some hardware and software development purpose, sometimes experts need the respective Hex value of any RGB color or the portrayed resultant shade which can help them for further work.

While creating the display graphic response for any computer program or application, all what appears on the screen is the result of instructed command to the computer which is communicated in the form of binary language codes. Getting hexadecimal values is for the purpose of shortening the wide and extensive binary codes into simpler notations with the use of log system. Each four digit set is named as byte and it given with a single Hex numeral.

There are many complicated and simpler ways to achieve the specified Hex value of a point RGB color while working on computer hardware or software. Reading out those methods, you can easily get the required values and point them for resolution attainment for graphics.

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