Wide extended features of MS Excel enable you to demonstrate the feasible accommodation of data and statistics in various forms with the help of different tools and accesses. Waterfall chart is one such way to depict the comparative alignment of two or multiple different classes. It helps to easily access the conclusion point without any formal technicality.

Methods To Create waterfall chart in Excel:

One thing is clear and that is the more expressive outcome of visual demonstration that written script and evaluated stats and figures in regular form. Creating charts help high lightening the significant issues.  While using Excel, creating waterfall charts is based on two axial line up values with a dependent and independent variable axis.

But the appurtenance of chart seems like a water fall wave due to variance of data. Below here is a brief tutorial about how you can create this feature;

  • Create a regular bar chart in Excel spreadsheet
  • Enter the relevant formulas for it
  • After the creation, come to the formatting tab of chart
  • From formatting tab, select ‘No Fill’ for the bars
  • And also select no borders for it

The similar bar chart will now turn into a waterfall chart apparently that works on similar evaluative formulas which are devised for simple bar chart.

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