Are you facing complaints from your customers? then your company requires “MIS report“. Which is especially for various purpose, Mis report format in excel for accounts is available here.

Business communication process internally and externally attains improvements further using daily MIS reports. Assessing different areas and looking for the gaps which are a major cause behind the complaints can minimize if relevant data is available. As well as information of people in the process as mentioned in the MIS report template.

Being a sales manager it is your responsibility to bring positive change in the sales revenue. However it is decreasing, this can managed by making contact with the team involved in production departments and sales team.

MIS Report Format and Features:

Once proper information is available outlining the solution is a quick and simple process:

  • Multiple project completion: different areas are being considered when working on multiple projects, therefore, the report is formulated in an excel tool with the name of a person involved.

  • Order completion report: this MIS report holds information in the columns like the order number, shipped on, order quantity, cut quantity, extra cut quantity %, issue to sewing department, and stitched quantity.

  • Balance Sheet: Manage your balance using this sheet template below fields includes current assets, current liabilities section.

  • Relevant data: breakdown of quantity information is also part of this report and shows details of color and sizes as well for the stitched pieces.

Grab your copy of Mis Report Template for Accounts:

Template 1:

Template 2:

Template 3:

Daily MIS report format

Although, MIS is generally for the monthly or quarterly problem for coming up with a solution. However, if some problems are occurring daily in the business and affecting it, the MIS report template helps in any way.

Holding the date of the issue, persons involve and %age effect can be part of the general report.


  1. umeshwar

    I have a interview for mis report, but I have basic knowledge abuot excel & ms ofc , but I hv urgent need for this job , so plse help me

  2. Praveen Singh

    I am looking for a Job in MIS Reporting, can you please let me know what are the basics things required to crack the interview for it. i am currently working as PMO analyst in Infosys, but my future plan is to be in Analytics so i want to start it from scratch, Hope MIS Reporting will work out for me. i will be waiting for your valuable response. you can contact me on my mail id

    1. ExcelTemp

      Hi Parveen thanks for you your visit. I have sent you email along with basics of MIS REPORTING, hope this will help you in your new job. Best of luck..


    2. Eira

      I’m still new in MIS.. Could you pls share with me some sample of report for manufacturing side.. It will be grate if you can help me.. awaiting for your feedback..

      1. John Mathew Article Author

        Hi @Eira

        Thanks for your visit. I have sent you a few samples according to your needs. I hope you find them helpful.


  3. Kingsley Udenna

    I am on the verge of attending a job interview in MIS reporting. Could you please let me know the fundamentals of MIS Reporting? And do you happen to have MIS report sample/template for Real Estate? Here’s my email address:

  4. Prasad Ch

    i newly joined in Lubricant division as an accountant and there are branches as well. can you please mail me the draft copy of MIS report.
    waiting to hear from you soon.

  5. Pradnya

    Hello i m pradnya I m working as accounant in import company of foods
    I want to preapare monthly sales & P&L statement can u pls provide the same

  6. satendra shah

    hello sir,

    I want your help for mis report preparing so please give me sheet suggesion which type required to maintain mis report.

    for example every sales employee and incentive on evry employee with working days and target


    Hello Sir,
    I am Shri Dharmendra, Currently working in warehouse department, i need some sample report of MIS for sales, replacement and procurement of material
    Please share the date in my id

    1. John Mathew Article Author

      SHRI DHARMENDRA Thanks for your visit. I have sent you some sample reports hope you find them helpful according to your need.


  8. Shivam

    Dear Sir,
    I want knowledge about MIS report, how to make a MIS on excel & tally. Can you plz guide me with an example. B,cuz i want job for this type. some enterprenuer want check to me MIS report make but i have not experence. Plz help

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