Gameplay featuring occurs in various platforms and languages and people develop them for various devices. But using the simplest of mode to work which is common and tentative for every user, that is Microsoft excel is really astonishing when deployed for game development.

Arena. Xlsm is one such popular RPG (Roleplaying Game) developed on Excel by using various macros that are coded and developed in Visual Basic for Applications (link). User can play this game by simulating their entity, using a coded fiction appearance on the interface which acts according to the given instructions.

Here the difference lies between Arena and ordinary games is that its working platform is the common spreadsheet-based macros. These macros help in automating the commonly used tasks to save your time and synchronizing them in an order to perform the desired action.

Now after the simple work case and lighter working action, another good thing about the arena. Xlsm is that it is free and fun to play, that comes along with instructions about potential strategies and optimized hits that help in succeeding fast.

A content table attached inside provides all important segments of gameplay adjustment and featuring to customize your plan and team.

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