As a primary need in data management, especially of accounts and transactions where you have to record the cash flow, incenting the task completion with the assistance of advance tools is very important. Like any other case of documentation, Microsoft Excel promises equal convenience while allocating amount into monthly columns which usually happens in the case of monthly subscription charges and billing vouchers for most of the time.

Now the question is about how to do this task on excel spreadsheet. Usually there are easy formulas to do every required task on Excel and you can easily explore those formulas to compel the direction of task orientation towards shorter and more comprehensive end.

How to Allocate Amount in Monthly Columns:

Decisively you can relate too many short down propositions to equate the actual standing amounts and certain other associated parameters of measurements. Projecting the intuitive results of excel commands, you can utilize them at various spots to get frequent answers.

Create Excel Spreadsheet Monthly Columns

Depending upon the instant requirement of data plotting, you can get the corresponding formula for data management into monthly columns making it easier for you’re to distinguish about the financial activities of each month. Using excel spreadsheets, it is of high degree convenience to merge the total amounts and then splitting them up into desired interval arriving.

Open a new Excel spreadsheet and draw columns of equal length and width carrying equal number of cells placing the item in them.

Mark the cells and name them after each month and save the template. Now you can enter the data in each monthly segment and the queries regarding any particular value can be made using its client formula for excel templates.

Fragmentation and Allocate Amount   

Fragmentation here contextually refers to significant components. From the entire values and transaction being made in a particular interval, someone may wants to find out only specified values and allocating an amount into relevant segments where it belongs. For this easy task, there is an appropriate formula of excel.


Below here is the screen shot carrying all formal symbols and formulas which are required to allocation proposed amount into indicated sections of a financial record.

Easy Excel Templates Available

Incase it seams hectic to you to create the entire template from the scratch, here you get an easy alternate. You can get hundreds and thousands of readily available templates from which you can allocate an amount into monthly columns.


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