If breaking down the actual photographs into pixels, we come to know that a photo is nothing but the linear measure of red, blue and green lights hitting at a point that is called a pixel. This pixel collaboration is just like countless numbers of cells in an excel spreadsheet.

So the structure of a picture is similar to the spreadsheet characters animation and with the latest development, ways are devised for turning a normal capture into an excel sheet. How it happens is a story that needs attention for proper understanding.

A normal photo is cracked into open file and all the numbers from 0 to 255 which represent the color shade existing at every single point are scrapped out and turned into spreadsheet cells. Once these alignments are made, all the numbers differ in their relevant shade, providing 0 stands for black and 255 for the brightest shade. This scheme is then tuned up on the cell chart.

Upon filling those shade values in the cells, each row of excel splits into red, green and blue exactly in the same order as it was in the original photo. After converting the picture, zoom out that excel sheet around 40% and you can see the whole photo at once whereas upon zooming it, you can find individual pixels.

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