In kinds of business and projects which are short-run planned or for longer, accounts handling is one of the major tasks.  General ledger excel is a most acquainted and generalized form of all the accounts associated with various project segments.

General ledger excel template is therefore designed and created to shorten this extensive accounts management by the simple and automated formation of accounts.

Excel general ledger is based on a simple Excel spreadsheet with indicated measures of transactions for each specified purpose of business.

From the transactions related to vendors, purchasers and sellers to the accounts of salaries and all overheads are included in this ledger with an intact record of total investment and cash flows.

This simple one-note document helps accountants and accounts manager to summarize their work by keeping all the extended work in simple compressed form and you don’t need to rover around for any particular entry in case you have any concerns regarding it.

Format of General Ledger Template Excel

Usually, there are not many complications involved in the format of general ledger excel template, it consists of simple two columns with actual entry natures as title i.e Debit side and Credit side.

Before all these transactions are plotted, on the leftmost side is calculated domain of entries which are the account titles. So this major ledger sums up all the individual t-accounts of business bookkeeping and records the total position of investments and financial assets of the company.  Below here are some of the highlight constituents of this ledger learn how to make general accounting ledger;

  1. Draw a column with account titles as entries
  2. Draw a column of reference as per requirement which refers to the end of transaction and method of transactions such as cash, invoice or cheque
  3. Draw a column with a title as Debit and one with Credit
  4. Enter all the account titles in the first column and relevant entries in their corresponding ranges
  5. Apply the sum function to both debit and credit sides
  6. Upon the summation of entries, it will give you the total of the debit amount and credit amount, summarizing the accounts payable and receivables

This less complicated form helps you to quickly figure out the outstanding dues which have to be received and which have to be paid. Using this data, an easy structure of total financial assets can be drawn for further financial planning.

Download Excel General Ledger | 3 Samples

GL Sample 1

Filename: “General Ledger Excel Template”

File Size: 58 Kb

File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)

Template Type: Basic (Free)

Download File: Comment us to get instant Access in your inbox

Author Name: Tara Lee Whitaker

Sample 2

Filename: “General Ledger”

File Size: 106 Kb

File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)

Template Type: Basic (Free)

Download File: Comment us to get instant Access in your inbox

Author Name: Tiana Martin

Example 3

Filename: “GL template”

File Size: 106 Kb

File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)

Template Type: Advance (Free)

Download File: Comment us to get instant Access in your inbox

Author Name: John Mathew

For easy understanding and idea to create your own personalized ledger on excel, there are many multiple free and open source general ledger excel template available here, which you can download just by commenting us and consult to construct one of your own requirements.

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