There are different development platforms for game development. One such simple and easily usable platform are Microsoft excel which is itself a handy software application.

Using the usual spreadsheets which are typically used for analytical purposes and accounting reports and tasks, has now turned into a brilliant center of game development. Using these spreadsheets, interactive RPG games can be developed using excel formulations for critical moves.

There are already many developed and functional games that are appreciated worldwide. These exuberant games are multi-player, online or offline and come with strategic moves. Reviews about some of the commonly known and issued games are given below;


Many of us have played the ordinary monopoly in childhood and we all remember how it works. The usual strategic sculpture is framed for excel using the spreadsheet formulations for different decisional outputs. This game is free and highly interactive in its appearance and workout.


This superb game is known for critical decision-making and judging out the boxes that result in 2048. The work pattern actually is based on selecting out two boxes, merging which results in a total of two. Preferentially the result must be equals to 2048 which is the title of the game. As you achieve this result you win the game

3D Maze

Using an excel grid, a virtual Maze is built to play the game. Using a side-by-map, navigation can be achieved and you can control your move. The game is very simple and attractive and has quick strategic results. This game is available for excel 2007 and later versions.


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