For all the companies providing transport facility, transport bill is the most important document for customer dealing. There are exclusively designed Word bill templates which can be customize as per the requirements and can be use for regular billing process. These templates are available in different format and you can make one for your own use. Using readily structured template, billing process becomes easier when you have to deal bulk clients at the same time.

What majorly includes in the benefits of transport bill template is that you don’t need to write every bill by hand, from scratch and waste your time on such pity tasks. You just need to draft a template and every time you have to issue the bill, just fill the particulars of client in the template and your bill is ready.

Format of Transport Bill Word Template

As far as a the format of transport bill word templates is concerned, some formal entries and categories of information are devised to write down all significant details on the bill. Usually the format is similar for all companies infect some minute variations may occur. Below here is a step by step stated format for a general bill templates;

  • You need to write your company name on the header
  • Then add a section of client’s detail like name, contact number, address or other things
  • Make a section to write the details of transport vehicle and in case you provide goods transport services, add the details of goods
  • Make a section of bill which includes freight cost and other expenses on the activity
  • Lastly draw section for authentication signature or stamp by the supervisor

Once you write off all these important and regularly concerned categories of data, just save the file and use it as many times as required. Simply alter the client’s particulars and the new bill ready.


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