Just think for a minute why your business or the business where you are employed emphaisized on keeping proper records. Payments are expenses of business and they should be recorded efficiently for sucessful development of company. Free excel templates are available for different purposes to help out businesses. Creating payment voucer is requirement of businesses nowadays.

Identifying earning opportunities as well as strengths for business is helpful in driving business towards growth which can be identified from proper record keeping. It is therefore also used to identify threats as well as deficiencies of business. Productive decisions for business are based on proper record keeping.

Importance of Payment Voucher Template

  • It is vital to record transactions made in a business on daily basis.
  • When a expense is budgeted yet not bear by the company it is required to record in accounts books as per accounting rules.
  • It is a effective practice of business to record expenses when they are recognized but payments receivable are not shown into account till they are paid.

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  • It is therefore important to maintain proper accounts of a company.
  • Accounting process without proper recording of transactions is subjected to lot of errors.
  • Many internal documents are generated in business to properly track and manage payments and recievables.
  • It is one of the internal document which shows payments to be made.
  • It shows whether the acoounts are compatible actual payments.
  • Loopholes in the company can be identified and solved.
  • Once the expenses are tracked they can be minimized which helps to generate more profit for the company.

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Payment voucher format

How to Prepare Payment Vouchers?

Payment vouchers shows amounts need to be paid to other companies as well as taxs imposed on company. Different types of vouchers like receiving vouchers and payment vouchers are prepared in business. Payment vouchers like cash payment and bank payment are produced. When dealing with items buying in or selling out vertain vouchers are also created at that time.

Vouchers should clearly outline the transaction made as well as date of the transaction. Users who are indulged in using vouchers should clearly be aware of use of voucher as well as its importance. The voucher should be made which shows the type of transaction therefore a suitable voucher is prepared. The users should be aware of debit and credit term most basic and important term used by accountants to categorised transactions.

Format of Excel Template for Payment Voucher

Using professional document and sheets for internal and external users of a business is helathy and useful practice to achieve success by a business. Using excel is therefore marvellous choice of business as it is free to use and many templates are already present in the excel. A user can choose an existing template or design a new one according to his needs. A document clearly shows item as well as it brief detail. Discount received when buying it. Advance amount paid as well as balance due need to be paid can also be viewed from this template.


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