Have you ever imagined a city which is famous for frequent crimes experienced by residents of the city, the police of the specific city is said to be responsible for it. Police reports are created which show all the relevant details about crime. Its sample is available on the net as well as free download facility is also available.

Police have the core responsibility of creating peace in the particular region and provide safety to people from other citizens or robbers. However remembering crimes occurring on daily basis is not easy therefore effective reports are created for this purpose.

Purpose of Police Report Template

  • Reports are important document as they provide information regarding specific crime to new officer involved in the case.
  • To carry out proper investigation of a crime each and every detail is important.

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  • It shows the proof that a crime has occurred with specific person.
  • Missing out any minor detail may lead investigation in wrong direction.
  • Police is trusted by people therefore to carry out their work properly these reports are of fundamental importance.

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Incident report template

Format of Sample Police Report

Various types of crime are occurred nowadays however investigation is practiced in different ways to different crimes. Classifying type of crime and grouping it under a specific category is a initial step in creating good reports. The report shows the exact details about crime ranging from basic information to each details of the crime.

Basic information requires detail of victim. Time of crime as well as place where it is practiced is also mentioned in the report. Full date including month and year is also mentioned in the report. Report should be filled by police officer responsible for solving out specific case. People who are suspected as criminals in the case should also be mentioned in report. These people are required in the court room when trial for the crime is initiated in court room.

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