Generally in large scale businesses, Price Quote is a formal document in which suppliers or venders state their bidding list for various products or services using specified format. Quotation template is mostly used for this purpose. These templates are the standard drafts constructed on routine parameters.

Instead of spending time on the formatting and other time consuming aspects of documentation, these templates are so helpful for creating fine and comprehensive documents for such professional use. Instead of covering low potential details, you can relate anything using various features of advance tools like MS Word.

Price Quote Template Excel:

For companies providing services or supplying products to industrial or corporate sectors, Price quote templates very useful and assistive tool. In order to meet all professional requirements, it is important that the layout and presentation of document should inline with professional requirements and anyone can easily interpret the sheet. All bids are listed in organized way using these templates and pointed description can be added to justify any cost. These well aligned drafts put more value to your ordinary quotation and you can expect vigilant response in return.

Format of Price Quote

Using request for quotation which itself is a formal document, companies invite all their suppliers and venders to bid for specific product, range of products and services to gather pricing information in regularized way. In return, suppliers submit their effectively designed bid quotation documents to companies for review and comparison so that companies could go for the best available option. Therefore the pattern and sequence of information should be aligned carefully to avoid any confusion or miscommunication regarding provided information. Here are a couple of salient factors regarding the best format for this quotation listed in line so you can write the best draft;

Price Quote Template

  • Write the name of your company on title position
  • Write a complimentary statement adding all your motives to achieve supply targets and meeting the requirements of buyer
  • Draw a table with multiple columns
  • Write the number of products in the left most column
  • Write the name of product or service in the second column and similarly list down all the products if your bidding for multiple items
  • In the next column, write the offered price for one unit and collective amount in the other parallel column

After listing all the products or services in the table, write a justifying statement to strengthen your argument of cost.

Excel Quotation Templates

All this general documentation can be done using Sales Quotation Template which are designed for professional purposes. Using spreadsheets based templates; you just need to draft categories of various products and writing their cost in the cost column. By applying formulas of Excel, you can turn everything automated. All amounts should be added and subtracted automatically.

Instead of writing entire document from scratch, you can reuse these templates by editing particular values and acquiring an updated quotation within no time. It keeps your draft precise and standard and save your time as well.

Get Best Bid Quotation Excel Templates

You can download price quote, bid quote and construction quotation excel template and free sample. Available here on ExcelTemp which you can save and customize them for personalized use. Instead of working deep with formatting and adjustments, it is rather smarter approach to acquire these readily available templates and working them out according to your use.

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