In most retail stores, businesses and organizations, payment voucher is the formal document to precede the transaction. It is produced after receiving the purchase order or instructions for writing off particular amount. Excel voucher templates are very much effective in drafting and producing these vouchers quickly with precise format and layout. Every business can have its own format and design of voucher for this very reason, template layout may also vary but once you get or create your template, you don’t have to write this document repetitively.

In routine life, payment voucher templates are usually provided to accounts and finance departments of the companies so that as they receive voucher issuance instructions, they can quickly generate it over provided details. This document is directed to one specific person by name and has the details of purchased items or acquired services for transaction have to be made.

Payment Voucher Format in Ms Excel:

Using template, one just need to fill up the form and with required information such as name or any registration number and take out the print for amount deposit. Sometimes, vouchers are prepaid as well. These kinds of vouchers are mostly used for sale offers, gift hampers and any such scheme in which document bears the worth particular amount.

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Sample Receipt Voucher Templates:   

As we mentioned above, there are not many complications regarding the format of payment voucher instead the main purpose is to demonstrate all significant information regarding the payment, it unit details, date of submission and imposed charges of any other kind. Usually an issued voucher is directed any specific person or business by name and either debit voucher or credit voucher, only right person can entertain it.  A couple of salient factors regarding the format of this document are listed below here that you need to keep in mind while creating your own draft;

  • Write the name of company, institute or business which issues the voucher
  • Write a section of name, relevant registration number or account number
  • If it is debit voucher, draw a table and write the details of amount and its utility
  • It the voucher is credit one, mention the details of payments and their unit description
  • After listing all the components of payment, mention the due date for submission and also write any imposed fine on late submissions
  • Last comes the section of signature of receiver who receives the payment and collect the document for record keeping
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These are few elementary components to create a general payment voucher for easy and simple transactions.

Excel Templates:

Supposedly talking about any particular institute, where hundreds or thousands of students might be studying at one moment, it is difficult to keep a check of dues submission and manually handle this process to maintain proper payment records. In such case, vouchers are the best assistive tools to let you quickly generate relevant vouchers for everyone by listing all the students or range of students into these automated templates.

On the right date of issuance, you can easily generate as many vouchers as you want by simply entering the name and particular registration number of the student. These templates not only save your time from writing similar things again and again but also keep everything standard and precise.

Get Best Payment Voucher:

Instead of getting into complications and finding instructions regarding formatting, you can get hundreds of free sample templates available online. Also you can get many catch designs by acquiring the services of online skilled and professional templates designers according to your customized layout.

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