A debit note is a note or document (i.e:- “debit note template excel”) send by a purchaser to sender  to inform him/her that he/she has return some goods of particular amount which sender should pay to purchaser. In this topic we will discuss format of debit note as it shows the amount company needs to receive from vendor it can be in written form or on computer. When debit-note is on computer it is made in Microsoft Excel format depending on size and type of business. Debit note is send by buyer to trade person when the invoice he receive from trader shows high amount than the goods he receive that is he is being overcharge. In this case he issues a debit-note to show that he actually has to pay less.

Debit note is also send by a user that is purchaser to vendor when he receive excess goods or damaged goods. He then issues a debit note to reduce his amount payable due to excess goods or damaged goods which are not useful for him. However it can be send by vendor to purchaser if he charge him excess or more in the invoice due to mistake.

Debit Note Template Excel; Example 1:

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Debit Note Template Excel

Debit Note Template Format – Complete Guide:

Debit-note can utilize as invoice by sender showing details and records of all the goods that are being send by him. it keeps details of all costs and also it is beneficial for sender as if he has missed charging any cost to purchaser he can includes that cost in debit-note saving extra effort.

debit-note can be in different forms. It can be in simple paper form like an invoice or it can be in form of letter or postcards for more friendly senders. it can be on computer which is in Microsoft excel format.

In mostly large businesses debit note is made in electronic media that is computer in Microsoft excel. It is preferable as it looks more professional on excel than in written form.

It is more helpful in Microsoft excel because it clearly shows more details of goods and also it is more easy to understand.

  • Editing the details in debit-note on excel is much more convenient than on paper.
  • Records can manage more professionally.
  • It also helps in accounting as data can easily monitor on computer than to look for certain paper.
  • If paper form requires, it can be get by taking out print copy.
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The common and popular type of debit note template in Microsoft excel has 6 columns in it. They mostly contain the invoice number, item number, quantity, description about goods, price of single unit and finally the total. If there is more than 1 unit it can calculate there easily and then the total.

Templates in Microsoft excel basically has 2 types of editions, one is basic feature and as the name suggests it’s free of cost and is suitable for small or self entrepreneur however features are vast and offers many functions. Still if organization needs more updated and professional features they can take an upgraded one.

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