There is numerous pert chart example available online to study and understand their process and working, and getting an idea about how to carefully apply a suitable chart template on your project analysis.

PERT is often referred to in project management, a wide stem process that expands as project evaluation and review techniques that are based on certain principles of critical review and analysis.

Pert Chart Example & Sample

This technique helps project managers to line up all the influential factors of a project and take a glance at the top line story going on in the project coordination. these charts are therefore the categorical print notes of these evaluative parameters which are used in this method.

This method is devised to analyze the role and worth of various tasks that are involved in project accomplishment.

These sample documents help in quickly understanding the formal complications and understandable factors that may reside in the project growth sector.

Using these chart samples, one can quickly establish a business development channel, using a detailed review program that explores various factual ground in every minute or major working contest.

PERT Chart| Background Perspective

From introducing to the developmental growth phase, major working and inductions on PERT were raise by the American navy.

With the categorical settlement of all actions affecting tasks for project completion, it helps in the analysis of the orientation of each task and reviews the development of it.

PERT Chart has the capacity to project the limitations and time frame for the completion and compilation of all these integrated project parts.

With a master exploration of preceding and succeeding events around a reference point, this technique manipulates the gain in the measure of efficiency other aspects of project planning.

It has certain advantages over step-by-step reviewing. Using PERT, the following advantages can be achieved;

  • It helps in the identification of fewer potential pathways
  • It discriminates critical decisions and segments coming ahead in business
  • It explicitly creates a sheer difference in planned time frame using better strategies and information to cover less time for efficient completion
  • It can cater expanded amount of project work at one time
  • Using all the above characteristics enables the manager to visibly attain the goals of the project

PERT Examples

It is an extensively broad program of working which needs much time to understand the format and formal working retentive. For this very purpose of ease, various Chart samples are available in open source cabs; you can see them and utilize them for your learning and training.


Activity Predecessor Time estimates Expected time
Opt. (o) Normal (m) Pess. (p)
A 2 4 6 4.00
B 3 5 9 5.33
C A 4 5 7 5.17
D A 4 6 10 6.33
E BC 4 5 7 5.17
F D 3 4 8 4.50
G E 3 5 8 5.17

Source: Wikipedia

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These charts are based on PERT chart functionality, having various pragmatic sections in which you just need to enter the relevant data and processes it for you to show the prospects and outcomes.

Acquire Facilitated Working Mode Using PERT Chart

Despite well-explained methodologies of working, using advanced technology means for your working and creating drive of perfection and precision, you can use PERT example to further enhance the module of working, especially with affecting task and skill.


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