Excel “Employee Vacation Tracking Template” helps to hands-on the emergency availability of certain employees at the time of his/her absence. Without taking a proper lave one should mark attendance as prior to getting engaged in further tasks.

While managing the disciplinary ordinance at your workplace, you have to be very critical and straight about the employee’s presence in the office. But for ordinary reasons, like other human beings, anyone needs to off on any days due to certain reasons. A project manager or employee’s roaster in-charge needs to locate all the vacations and offs over the calendar.

How Employee Vacation Tracking Template Works

There are easily understandable and short in format excel employee vacation templates.  These tracking calendar templates are usually used by the operations managers, HR managers, and project managers to position the vacations and keep a track of highlighted off days from work against any suggested reasons. Employees have one complete year with allocated vacations and apart from regular days, these vacations have no tentative count.

Employee Vacation Tracking
Employee Vacation Tracking

Therefore using these employee vacation tracking templates, one can simply keep a track of when and why was an employee away from the work. By the end of month or year, the Vacation Trip Planner template concludes the total year’s presence of the employee and helps in estimating many other performance and regularity parameters to develop a strong and efficient discipline check over the organization.

Based on the regional planning system, these templates are customizable and edit according to the conditions implied by the company. It also helps in the formal gathering of attendance records for each date. This template is simply based on the calendar based format subjected to the entire list of employees.

How to Monitor Employee Absence?

Employee absence can be trouble causing, therefore, tracking templates are formulated using excel and they are available here. Word and PPT templates are also found here for business and personal use. Training programs organized for employees of a specific department in case of new machine arrival or when the implementation of the new working procedure has been practiced in the company is common and usually, experts are paid therefore attending the training program by each employee is required.

However, if some employees are absent from the program it can be disturbing and reorganizing these programs can be expensive therefore the regularity of employees is important in the working place. Tracking employee behavior is helpful in giving them penalties and punishments to avoid absence behavior from them.

Format of Employee Absence Tracking Template

  1. The sheet is entitled to the “employee absence tracking sheet”.
  2. Date, month and year are added to show the absence of employees on that particular date.
  3. Some companies provide leaves in days while others provide them based on hours.
  4. Leaves used and leaves left are mentioned.
  5. Sick leaves, vacation leaves, official leaves, and others are added in the sheet.
Employee absence tracking
Employee absence tracking
Template Description Template Details
Year: 2020 | Month: April

Type of Leaves:

Vacation | Sick | Unpaid | Halfday | Other

Employee Name:

Scrollable sheet to mention your employees’ names.

Weekly and Monthly Record Sheet.

Template Name: (Employee-Vacation-Tracking)

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  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • English
  • Template Type: Basic
  • Author: Mathew John

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Purpose of Employee Absence Tracking Template

It is important to determine the causes of absence to eliminate them. Absence can be due to personal problems or due to problems faced by employees in the working place. It can be due to leg pulling from the co-workers or due to strictness from the upper management. It can also be due to some medical issues or financial instability faced by employees.

Employee Performance Tracking Template

Challenging tasks are often set for the employees to enhance their working morale and capability among them towards the work. Keep it in your practice to track employee performance regularly. If he/she contributing their best effort in the organization, then they deserve some reward in the form of annual leaves, Increments, bonuses, etc. For those who are not doing their work properly then you better have known of this.

Time limit is set therefore supervisors can realize employee’s performance quickly. Other absence tracking templates are also available for the business owners.


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