Topic: “Employee Vacation Accrual Template“, Tracking employees time and vacation tracking is an important job. Employers need to track these elements efficiently to ensure continuous ongoing operations and tasks accomplishment on time.

To succeed your company or projects, employee vacation actual template is now available here. It saves down a lot of HR person time keeping him free from the stress and making it ensure that there is sufficient staff available for the specific role.

You can now guarantee the availability of employee and employer satisfaction with the higher level with this template.

“The survey of 500 employees in Singapore found 36 percent put more annual leave at the top of their wish list, followed by more flexible hours (32 percent) and professional development opportunities (20 percent).” (According to Deskera in the blog what is leave management).

How has many vacation leaves been taken by any of staff member? How many vacation leaves are left for the upcoming 6 months and the number of accrued holidays?

Get employee vacation excel spreadsheet and you have the answer for these types of questions always available with you for any of the employees. Moreover, HR job is simple and well efficient with it!

Format Employee Vacation Tracking Template:

You can now learn the details about its template. The design and features of the template are added here:

General information

Start with filling introduction part of the template. Add today’s date on the sheet. Start adding employee name, leave accrual rate date, enter month and year to begin tracking –if difficult from start date. Managers are able to spotlight and handle attendance issues with this sheet.

Month Ending

Enter the month ending date here. Adopt the pattern like March 10, 2010. Type it for all the leftover months in the year and you are able to see the leaves for all the months.

Regular Vacation Accrual

This part of the template consists of beginning balance, days accrued and days used and ending balance.

Enter the beginning balance in the first column for the month and fill the other information for the specific month here. See the ending balance for vacation accrual for the month!

5th-Week Credit

This part of the template consists of days credited, days used and balance. Fill this section for the specific month here. The monitoring of plan and unplan vacations from employees can calculate using this template.

Monthly % Effort

Be sure to enter the correct % effort for each month. Start entering the % effort for each of the specific months here!


You are free to enter the notes here. It may include balance carried over a time period, vacation tracker, Tues 5/7 or 7/7 or more.

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