Customized reports keep management on the same page regarding employee performance and therefore outlining more tasks for the specific employees through management software. Performance appraisal employee evaluation system keeps personal and professional information of the employee in the chart which is available to human resource manager as well as project manager. The system is required as an inefficient performance from any employee performance evaluation can disturb the entire work cycle and morale and dedication of other workers in the team as well.

Charts and notification sounds are utilized to keep watch on the targets and employee efforts towards achieving them. Once sequences of tasks are accomplished new list can be designed by managers which are then given to employees on the singular basis or in the teams. Updated reports bring organization to all the departments.

Best Popular Employee Performance Management Software List

Multiple tasks can be managed well using any of the listed software: Some of our new and list in 2016 most popular tool for a project manager.

  • Halogen
  • Performly
  • People gal
  • Ulti pro
  • Optimum HR
  • Bamboo HR
  • Employee Leave Record Format


Your business success is depending on your decisions, therefore, choosing the right software for employee management is important. The software consists of the number of features and employee performance indicators shown in form of graphs. You can check the relation between the employee performance and accomplished tasks through graphs mentioned in the software.

Any confusion can results in inefficient and costly decisions, therefore, avoid confusion through increased usage of timely reports available in halogen software. It is already part of various enterprises where time management was difficult before getting this software.


If you are looking for a solution for managing employees efficiently and offering career development solutions, performly can work best for your company. This popular software is keeping an eye on various tasks and management systems, therefore, missing information can be avoided. The software contributes towards business success through managing employee performance.

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