For performance evaluation and keeping a balanced monitoring of working, employee daily activity work log is one of the most important and helpful document. Using Excel spreadsheet log templates, you can record, assemble, evaluate and process all the database collected by time and utilize its processed outcomes for better planning and decision making regarding the resource utilization and planning the duties of employees. In case you find low potential outcome from a particular employee, you can closely check the net work proportion which might strengthen your opinion about employee.

In most organizations, there is no system of keeping the record of each potential activity done by an employee. Hence managers can keep a track of work. Using staff scheduling, work position becomes easier.

Employee Daily Activity Log Sample:

You can also check the utilization of particular time slots, outcome and evaluate them to instruct the team for better management. These templates are embedded with multiple graphs, charts and functions which automatically formulate a track able layout. Beside tasks, you can also check the total time which an employee spent on working, total extra duration, labor earned and bonuses achieved.

Format of Employee Work Log

As such there isn’t any strict guideline regarding the format of work log however based on the custom needs and self encircled parameters for performance evaluations and maintain a proper check and balanced system, an organization can has its very own outline of steps and procedures. This format is based on necessary information for operations management, resource planning and even financial matters of employees. From these work logs, a manager can evaluate extra imposed time, wages and salaries of workers, outcome comparison with time of implementation and efficiency of team. Here we have listed a couple of important points regarding the generic format of this draft. Take a look on the points below;

  • Write the name of organization on the main title position and draft type in the sub heading
  • List down all your employees in a column either categorically or randomly
  • Make a column of hours, comments, wages, task completed or any additional factor
  • Write down the updated values of each measurement parameter in its relevant segment
  • From statistical values gain at the end, draw an effective opinion
  • Utilize the entire log for tracking the efficiency and affectivity of particular employees

These are some characteristic features which must be included in this draft.

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Excel Spreadsheet Log Templates

For such purposes, there is a smarter and shorter way of completing your documentation work. You can have your custom or readily structured spreadsheet log templates. These templates are based on plain spreadsheet with segmented regions classified for different values. For each class or segment, a function of addition, subtraction or any other functionality is embedded. You just need to put the value and it will automatically calculate everything for you.

These templates not only save your time but also bring perfection and precision to your work. You can even use various graphical illustrations such as bar graphs, pie charts and wheel charts for instant visualization of the data.

Get Employee Log Spreadsheet Templates:

You can get plenty of free sample templates online which you can customize as per your needs. In case you don’t find a best match, you can get your personalized Excel templates from professional and expert template designers.


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