To ensure work hours are used efficiently and no wastage of time occurred in the workplace, any employee not present at the workplace must be spotted quickly. Employee leave record format is now available in excel for helping you identify future issues and tackling them. this is also true for the fact, that companies following these records are able to reduce labor turnover rate and therefore better and improve skilled workers at their place.

Current and previous year leaves and absences as well as their reason are often tracked down for the workers to help identify true issues and the workers, looking for switching the job. For any of the employee interested in knowing about the leaves taken in the year, you are able to share this record with them as well using staff leave planner template you can make monthly reports.

Employee Leave Record Format

For making more control over the absents in your workplace, consider getting this template and some of it pros are:

Hugely reduces time spent by HR department in looking for the specific records.

  • Definitely, if you are able to reduce time theft and other possibilities in your company, it improves productivity.
  • Your HR department is able to find all the data at single place.
  • Organized in professional way and you are not required to worry about organizing the data, once you have downloaded this excel workbook.

Eliminated paperwork, human errors and extra costs

  • Risk of making errors are common with human, which are reduced.
  • Less expense, due to no stationery required for maintaining these records.

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Description of Leave Record Template by Parts:

Employee Name Section:

Using this section you can mention names of your employee, increase the rows according to strength of your team. from this section you can also change month as shown in above snippet “February” is selected.

Graphical Representation of Employee Absentees:

This section from employee annual leave record template you can judge employee absentees by having glance on graphical bar which shows how many days your employee was on leave. Length of bar with represent more absence.

Identify Leave Types Using Colors:

Using these table are you can edit or change colors which are representing leave types according to your need or remain this area untouched if you don’t want to change custom colors.

Final Dashboard for Employee Database:

Here you can put employee attendance and as mentioned earlier you can change colors like mehron denotes “Vacation” Green showing “Sick” and orange color represents “Sick” leaves. use these 31 days table and manage employee absence and track his/her monthly performance.

Grab Copy of Employee Annual Leave Record Template

Filename: “Employee-Leave-Record”

File Size: 86 Kb

File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)

Template Type: Advance (Free)

Download File: Link

Author Name: John Mathew (

Final Words:

If you are specifically interested in getting a form or spreadsheet, which can provide the records in excel for the year, you can find this template simply amazing and reliable as it reduce time spent in preparing absent records for the year, as this is done automatically.

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