Published on: Mar 3, 2014, | Updated on Jan 08, 2020. Today’s Topic; “Quotation Templates of Sale”. In this document, you will get an idea about the quotation template of sale and professional development and advantages of quotation template (with a download link) as well as some importance of this relates to a business management perspective.

Microsoft Excel or word been used for preparing sales and cost assessments either in inventory management or other data storage procedures.

If you are unaware from the uses of quotation temp than in bird’s eye view this document will not only helps you in financial planning or budget/expense management but also guide you how to save company record in a well-mannered way.

No matter what sort of business you are in? What’s your traditional method of preparing a budget/analysis sheet? Which project management tool you’ve been used in the past? There are no issues relates to technology and software arises during saving, sharing and presenting the document.

Project Management Excel Quotation Templates

Make sure some format is compatible with Excel version 2010 and some 2013, so you have the at-least latest version of Microsoft to keep away from any compatibility issues. In the banking sector, these kinds of formats usually been used for making a business plan regarding shoeing accountancy statistics.

Preparing work breakdown structure or any other project management documentation quotation of sale and expense/budget first consider even making a preliminary plan.

Essential Points of Quotation Templates in Word or Excel

Here are some important tips to remember before preparing professional one, companies utilized this one and make some changing on its regular basis according to changes in company policy and terms and conditions.

Template 1:

Template 2:

Template 3:

Template 4:

Template 5:

Header Section of Quotation

Header section should be clean without adding too much text, review some professional editable sample and remember some things like;

  1. Company Logo with Tag line
  2. Starting Date
  3. Expiry Date
  4. Prepared BY
  5. Prepared For
  6. The product summary and other quotes

Body Section of Quotation

The body section will add product description with color separation of layout differentiate, don’t use catching color in this section, here are some essential point in it;

  • Quantity
  • Product NO
  • Description
  • Unit Price
  • Discount
  • Line Total

 Footer Section of Quotation template

It’s a most important final part of excel or word template, in the footer, there are some things must be added like;

  1. Total Discount
  2. Sub Total
  3. Sales Tex
  4. Total
1- Sales Quotation Template 2- Website Quotation Template
3- Construction Quotation Template 4- Bid Quotation Template

Any other disclaimer and company privacy policy could be added in the footer section in a blur so that the overall format looks professional.

Although you are free to use it according to company branding color and saving it other formats, you can also add some other details like company Fax, PH No, Email and other personal or business contact information in the header or footer section of this quotation template.

This record can also save in spreadsheets for online saving; don’t forget to add a company logo. This will send a clear perception of the customer’s mind.  ExcelTemp is the renowned blog provides not only excel quotation template but also other financial planning data analysis and assessment project management chart, figure and other to-do list tool.

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