Creating catchy and simple arts on Microsoft Excel has taken strong roots in graphics designing industry. A designer can use the simplest and most common official working platform that Office suit and can attain beautiful graffiti animations with simpler working mode. Creating animal drawings using Excel is one such example of complex utilization of this tool for an entirely different mode of working that was never initially opted.

For drawing any creative art of images that belongs to any drawing or symbolic animation using the excel spreadsheet, there are multiple various kinds of tutorials and learning lessons available online. You can simply consult and follow the easy procedural steps to form one of your own desires.

Although using Excel for such purpose seems less comprehensive but it can glide up beautiful images in lesser time with easier formation and method. Below here are some of the steps that can guide you to create a simplest animal drawing or any other structural formation;

How To Create Custom Animals Cartoons Drawings:

  • Select the entire spreadsheet and right click on it
  • Select the row height as per requirements of the image size and similarly the column width as per the specifications of your drawing
  • Set the zoom level of spreadsheet according to the draft of your animation
  • Followed by this step, go to page layout settings and set a background image that you want to create in Excel. This will be use as tracing image
  • In case you don’t have any such image, it’s not an issue, simply select the color bucket and start filling the cells accordingly, leaving the background space as white
  • Next step is the formulation for automated box filling

Once you are done with the image formation, delete the back ground image if you have set it already.

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