If you want to compare two Excel.CSV different version files like Excel 2013 or 2010 then you must understand some technical or advanced features of different Excel versions. Sometimes we are unable to perform many tasks in excel so we have to perform some technical exercise and a bit knowledge of excel to compete with the documentation analysis.

So the question is how to compare two excel (CSV) documents. So it is easy but a little bit of technical work to deal with. There are so many examples but the main thing is how to deal with manual intervention.

Question: How to Compare Tow CSV Documents?

Answer; Sometimes people do some searches but they could not able to reach at the basic through. Some people are not familiar with vb but if the code is given then it could be an easy task to copy and paste and debug.

For example, if a person has two CSV files that he needs to compare and to make a third excel CSV file.

The first file contains a list of information it makes a column say A and second column call B contain a name, and a third one is C and it goes with another name, which is part of names that contain in B.

File B will contain a group of names which are of similar format and everything.

So what is a person may looking for that it will create another document that contains all of the information that is in column B, and it adds the rows of information that is in column A, but not in B?

This should also be done in a way that comparing CSV files with the name in B that are present in A to file B, if the name that is present In column B from file A which are not in file B. than the entire row should add to the File C.

For the solution of this problem, there are also many options but there should involve some manual intervention.

Example Image:

Procedures Phase By Phase:

We will start with the open page of both CSV documents say file 1 and file2.

In the D1 of the first file, CSV enters a formula (COUNTIF ([file2.csv] file2! B: B, B1) and we copy this down.

And we put a similar formula to the D1 of second file CSV with the reference of the first file instead of second. Where we can see that how many names are matched in each line, so we can easily short and re-filter the names on each file.

So little bit of effort, which contains only copy and paste of code to the work to be done.

So it is not exactly glamorous but it works. Hope the method of comparing two excel CSV files will help you out to understand.

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