Another personal category base checklist template in excel format. In this template you can adjust cleaning checklist daily or weekly basis base on house, office or store category like if we talk about house cleaning than some things need to be in listed like “Kitchen” (Cleaning, cabinets, Stove Microwave).

This template create according to (Week1 + Week2+ Week3), but you can manage it according to your requirement. Through this template you can clean each and every little thing with the help of office boy.

Checklist By Week 1 (Kitchen Day)

  • General Cleaning
  • Cabinets
  • Stove Microwave

Checklist By Week 2 (Rooms)

  • General Cleaning
  • Tables
  • Beds and others

Misc Checklist

  • Laundry
  • General Cleaning

So after getting this cleaning template you just need to draw scale daily or weekly basis. You house or any place will be clean and shining with the help of this personal template.

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