Subject oriented commands can be given to any of the Office suit application using VBA which is aligns instructions for customize operations and repetitive tasks while using Office tools. Those who have consistent working with Excel or Word or any other, they can add customize features, buttons and automated taskContinue Reading

Wide extended features of MS Excel enable you to demonstrate the feasible accommodation of data and statistics in various forms with the help of different tools and accesses. Waterfall chart is one such way to depict the comparative alignment of two or multiple different classes. It helps to easily accessContinue Reading

Using MS Excel helps you with the immediate organization of data. There are many hardware and software compatible features in this Office suit which can help you avoiding lengthy and time taking processes for a task. While creating documents on Excel spreadsheet, you sometimes need to rover the sheet upsideContinue Reading

Working with Excel files sometimes need to share them cross the platform. For this very reason you can send through email address in specified formats, out of which, one compatible form is .CSV format. This format is the type input accessory that places any record or file in comma separatedContinue Reading

RGB color module is the array of wide spread color shades which result in with different combinations of three primary colors red, green and blue and therefore names up to the initial letters of these colors. A Hex value or Hexadecimal value is the corresponding binary code sequence which arisesContinue Reading

These documents are usually send apart with email and the received items from email list and you can convert this text into .CSV format. Modern media has shifted the balance of burden towards technology and yet it is no more a difficulty to project a distant material to someone usingContinue Reading

Creating catchy and simple arts on Microsoft Excel has taken strong roots in graphics designing industry. A designer can use the simplest and most common official working platform that Office suit and can attain beautiful graffiti animations with simpler working mode. Creating animal drawings using Excel is one such exampleContinue Reading

MS Excel is widely and excessively used in all field of professional documentation and helps you pile up the professional data into summarized and simpler form which can be easily understand. This imposition is almost similar for latest and previous versions. You can find broad range of features and insertingContinue Reading