While buying a car on net cash, car deposit is the premium amount paid before the shipment of car. It is a least set percentage of the net price. There are easy to use Excel receipt templates that help you generating deposit receipts easily and quickly within shorter period of time. Rather than writing off the bill by hand, you can generate a computerized bill seemingly more authentic and appealing.

These templates let you avoid writing entire bill draft from scratch eve time by simply replacing the name and other details of the customer on the ready note.

Car Deposit Receipt Template:

Easing the process of documenting all the details and writing them in a set order, deposit receipt templates help every commercial receipt generator where hundreds of clients and customers visit each day and ordinary documentation needs much time for that. These templates let you quickly sum up all the required information here, in readily available draft, you just need insert right data in the right segment and your document is ready.

Car Deposit Receipt Example 1:

These slips are usually generated on company letterheads for authentication purposes. Using Excel template, you can avoid manual calculations, present everything in descriptive format.

Receipt for Car Sale Deposit:

There are no standard instructions regarding the format of deposit receipt infect every company can create it’s customize layout for this purpose. The main point of concern is to add all the relevant information including customer’s identity, his contact details, vehicles number, model and year of making along with other useful parameters like color, specs and much more. Lastly the price is important to be mentioned and you also need to write the paid amount in the receipt before the delivery of vehicle. Some of the salient factors regarding the format of this formal document are listed below here;

  • Write the name of your distribution company or main manufacturing company on the main title position
  • Write the name of customer, his contact details like number and house or office address
  • Write the name of vehicle, its model number, year of making, Chaises number, engine number and other specs
  • Write the details of payment including amount, mode of payment, currency type
  • Write the details of remaining balance and also the date of payment and further plan
  • Last comes the section of signature and verification to ensure that the receipt is genuine

This document is issued to customer as receiving and a copy stays in the company record.

Personal Items Sales Receipt Template

Rather than writing all these details on a paper note manually, you can use Word receipt templates which turn it easier for you. Using these templates, you are available with a ready draft in which you just need to enter relevant data. Once created on plain Word document, you can save this draft as you have to create same draft each time. Instead of starting it from scratch every time, you just need to replace individual details of each customer.

Car Deposit Receipt Example 1:

These templates are featured with various font styles, font sizes and other formatting options. It is merely impossible to create such well aligned documents manually therefore using these templates would let you create more appealing and catchy outlook with ordinary receipts and bills.

Household Items Sales Deposit Receipt

Instead of working out with too many formatting complications, it is rather more of a smarter approach to acquire free sample templates which are available online. Or else you can get best customize car deposit receipt templates from numerous online professional template designers.  


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