Professional and domestic application of MS Office suit helps in multiple ways while compactly preparing documents and notes for different purposes. There are many intuitive features which easily gather and project the upcoming values for any certain purpose and avoid you from spending unnecessary time on it.

Using pre-accustomed command mechanism of Excel, which is intelligent enough to predict the coming sequence, you can fill wide range of data with autofill feature.

In its case, you don’t need to enter each particular value yourself. For example if you have entered 1 as a sequence number, in the very next cell, you don’t need to write 2 by yourself. You can select the first cell, and drag the black handle on the bottom corner to as much number of cells you want. It will automatically enter the on-going series or sequence of random number with aligned order.

  1. Find “Data Analysis” In date menu option click ok and find out random number creation option by scrolling down analysis tool in pop up window. As shown in figure 1
  1. Here you will find creation box for random number where you will have option of “Number of variables” here you can put your desired random number. As shown in figure 2.
  1.  Select output range and choose option of new worksheet ply and create it according to your desire.
  2. Click on OK

Setting order of field and then putting data into it would definitely help you completing the long durational task in lesser time and with more precision as directed series set will never be disordered. This feature is mostly used offices and places where list making is very important and repetitive on MS Excel.

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