Executive management and better business decisions are possible using interactive production KPI dashboards.

Key performance indicators dashboards are significantly important to remain responsive to the latest happenings in the projects and to have all the information related to the manufacturing process on a single spreadsheet.

Any hidden trends and possibilities are therefore spotted, and your project managers are better able to utilize them improving productivity, better communication, and smart business decisions.

These premium dashboards are prepared by professionals and specialized persons aware of the importance of displaying all the information in this form and therefore it is already part of many leading organizations worldwide.

Interactive production KPI dashboard features

Now prevent inefficiencies at your workplace by getting this template and using it for your organization. Here are some features of these dashboards:

Project Management (#of Projects)
Project Management (#of Projects)
Project Milestone
Project Milestone
Project Portfolio Dashboard
Project Portfolio Dashboard

It represents those aspects of the organization related to the manufacturing process, which may otherwise be ignored.

  1. Intelligence business decisions ensure better production and improvement in the manufacturing process, therefore you can now view all the details related to manufacturing on this spreadsheet.
  2. Analyzing any specific project and what is required for manufacturing. Resource management of the highest quality and efficiency is possible.
  3. For some organizations, monitoring is required daily, while for others weekly or monthly monitoring is better, therefore you are able to track the manufacturing according to your company preference.

If your company is aiming for any successive goal or for achieving a higher production level, various factors must be monitored.

  1. A simple KPI dashboard helps you analyze different areas of the workplace and how each department is performing and what is the input of each department in achieving your company strategic goals.
  2. For any specific purpose like satisfying your customers or successive market of any new product, you need to track down multiple factors, and here where this dashboard is excellent for use.
  3. Your contact center is able to generate more successful leads, through analysis of the sales data in the previous months and therefore the region, where most of these are made actually.

Grab Your Copy of Interactive KPI Dashboard Template

Template 1: “KPI-dashboard-template”

Get your Download:

File Name: Kpi Dashboard

File Size: 60 Kb

Author: John Mathew

Template 2: “Kpi-excel-dashboard-spreadsheet-template”

Get your Download:

File Name: Kpi-excel-dashboard-spreadsheet

File Size: 151 Kb

Author: John Mathew


Get your Download:

File Name: project-portfolio-dashboard-template

File Size: 180 Kb

Author: Devanathan VK

Ask for customization: (Comment us)

Now you are able to set targets for the manufacturing department and therefore focusing on marketing plans or any other area more bringing more improvement.

The manufacturing dashboards template shows you the departments and responsible persons, who are able to achieve their targets and their daily production level as well.

Although this excel spreadsheet looks simpler, however, it consists of various charts and graphs, which help you analyze details of the manufacturing process.


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