Best source to keep your business (i.e:- Hospitals, Shopping mall, Public place, Hotel, bar, catering etc) items & products safe from unintentional lost; is to use  “Lost and found log template” prepared in Microsoft Excel. Using this easy to use log template, you can add up list of items and maintain weekly – monthly tracking.

You might need a medium to track down which of the items at your workplace is actually lost; by individuals and proper records are available for it, thus claiming the item by right individual is easy. Usually while shopping or travel items are misplaced or lost by individuals, which are when found by other individuals are then stored at the individual section maintained in the workplace for this specific purpose.

This type of situation is most often faced at “hospitals” or “shopping malls”. Same type of situation is also common at airport, however you are now able to return back the items to right person, through downloading this template and following and updating it properly.

Format of Lost and Found log Template:

Now you are able to track down all the items lost and reported at your business place, through downloading this excel template.

You are better able to track the item details and therefore claiming process is smooth.

Various items of same category store in this section, however; each is different from rest.

All the details and appearance of the items record in this excel spreadsheet including log number and item description.

Tracking details of any item is easy.

Already prepared table, you are just required to enter the details.

Concerned individuals about their items are able to claim them easily.

Details must enter in the table accordingly.

Some of the details include, date, log number, item description, turned in by and claimed by.

Grab Your Copy of Free Template:

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Final Words’ Lost and Found Form:

Guests or visitors may lost their belongings in the hotel as well, therefore you are now record all the details of the items in this template. This makes organization and management easily for the lost items as well.



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