Reimbursement or refund can be claim if don’t get the think for which you pay money. Refund request letter used to request your money back, this post is about format of refund letter. Paying advance amount is common nowadays whether you are running a company ordering raw material items and paying out some amount in advance or whether you have taken a decision of buying a specific property.

Security deposits and advance amounts are paid to other parties to let them know that you are interested in the specific property and time limit is therefore set during which you are required to pay rest of the amount. Templates are therefore designed for you so that it shows the details of the transaction and amount paid by you.

Format of Request for Refund of Duplicate Payment

  • Customer refund request form
  • Order date
  • Order ID
  • Contact information
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Refundable amount
  • Reasons for refund
  • Terms and conditions
  • Faults
  • Reasons for non payment

Get three types of refund letter template

Template 1 : Refund of duplicate payment

refund of duplicate payment

Document Outline Information

Size : 30KB

format: Microsoft word (.docx)

Template 2 : Demand of refund and duplicate payment

demand of refund and duplicate payment

Document Outline Information

Size : 28KB

format: Microsoft word (.docx)

Template 3 : Request for refund and duplicate payment

request for refund and duplicate payment

Document Outline Information

Size : 32KB

format: Microsoft word (.docx)

Refund Letter form

If you are running a company dealing in merchandise for import and export regular advance payment are common however you require this form due to undelivered merchandise from specific company and therefore you are asking them to pay back your amount so that you can buy out this merchandise from other company. This refunded form is utilized due to delivery time problem or due to quality not acceptable by your company.

Duplicate payments are common due to multiple customers handling by company at the same time or due to missing out some invoice or receipt which can then be found using ledger accounts or other financial documents of your company therefore to help you receiving back your payment amount these refund request letter templates are added here frequently.

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