Tracking leaves and holidays by staff members is now easier and simple with PTO tracking spreadsheet template available here. If you are part of a bigger organization and have hundreds of employees, it is a hard job see the time-off, absences made and other details for them.

Leave management is important as this ensures you always have a right substitute for the job or a person perfect for the job required. No more time wastage and increase in expenses with this excel spreadsheet!

“Paid time off is a necessity in any serious business environment. Managing this time-off with Mitrefinch’s paid time-off tracking software will help businesses to better manage their employees.” (According to

Looking for a right method of tracking or want to help your HR managers in managing norms of employees while keeping the operations running?

Frustration and absence may lead to other troubles or loss of productivity in companies which can be controlled with PTO tracking. No more stray notes and you are able to manage leaves and absence with a single tool; better control and no more room for errors with this template!

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Main components of PTO tracking spreadsheet template

Before going ahead you may want to know about components of this template. Here are these listed:

General information

Add your company name and employee name on the top of this template. Types of leaves are already available consisting of, sick, personal and vacation.

“hours per year” is available, you can edit them if required. Add the total number of hours per year need to be utilized by an employee in the specific year. “Accrual hours” “accrued every period” “accrued starting period” is available on the top of the template.

“pay period starting”, “weeks per pay period” is available as well. maximum of sick, personal and vacation leaves available are also mentioned. Once the table of the template is filled all of this information is filled automatically as well!

The main body of the spreadsheet

This part of the template consists of the table and all the headings are added into it. The main headings consist of earned, used and cumulative.

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Pay period- start entering the weeks here as this spreadsheet is for weekly accrual.

Earned- it consists of sick, personal and vacation leaves. Start entering the leaves earned for the period here.

Used- this consists of sick, personal and vacation leaves used for the period in column 1. Start adding them here. Beginning balance is available as well.

Cumulative- total cumulative sick, vacation and personal leave hours available here is added in this part of the table for the specific period.

** all of these leaves are available in hours not in numbers.

Monthly accrual- this spreadsheet is in the same format as weekly accruals however it is for the specific month. Fill it in the same manner and you will get the paid-time-off data for the month!


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