Printable Fake Taxi Bill Format in Word

Printable fake taxi bill format is word document used by taxi owners to provide the receipt to the passengers using their taxi. Taxi cab fare is showed up to the passengers and the taxi driver name is also showed up in this taxi bill. Sample free documents are available online here to save your time and additional effort.

Format of Printable Fake Taxi Bill

  • Driver name
  • Tax name
  • Tax number
  • Business phone
  • Date
  • Fare
  • Other
  • Total
  • Association name


Printable bills are easy to download and selecting a taxi bill of your choice is easy if you’re visiting this page. Format in Word document is used for a purpose as adding key variables are easy and they can be re-used again. Composing them for a new user is also easy. Fake taxi bills are usually missing the association name.

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