From the top leadership of project or company to the bottom-line employees, performance checks are very important. These checks played a vital role in performance improvement in accordance with an improvement plan devised by skilled and learned project managers and analyzers.

These plans have the tendency to mark out and evade the ruptured policies and decisions which are least effective for the company. Above all, these plans also help to enhance the personal aptitude to grow and develop the performance of each individual employee.

Step One:        Written or verbal intimation to obey declared rules

Step Two:       Give them a chance to improve PIP

Step Three:   In case of disobedience send them a notice


Improvement plan samples

are variedly available in large numbers which can be reviewed and analyzed to quickly settle the performance issues growing the company. From the facilitation end to all other influential factors which may affect the personal performance, these sample plans help to improve the quality of work using standard techniques and parameters which are globally acknowledged for this reason.  Using these principle methods, a serving quality of work can be done. These sample plans are for the instant solutions which mostly project managers look for.

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PIP Plan Sample

Performance Improvement Procedures:

  • Formal PIP to Improve
  • Determination of Performance Improvement
  • Determination of Unacceptable Performance
  • PIP Plan Notice Issued


Things To Make sure Yes No
Did you inform your employee that he/she must kept away in critical decision making at the time of crucial planning?
Did you pre-assign the job task to maintain the healthy work environment for both employee and his/her organization?
Did you Pre-inform your employee he/she should be mentally prepared for workshop and seminars in order to renew their knowledge influenced currently?
Did you sign a contract to inform before leave at the planned period of time to make sure you  must have enough time to prepare another employee who can perform his/her duties in same professional manner.  
Did you make your employee’s mind to perform according to the rules of organization, if he/she fails to do so must face demotion?    
Did you make sure your employee is liable to send prior vocational or sick leave before a specific time period?    
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Basically this module is use when the supervisors feel any lack or gap between the estimated performance check and the actual performance output by the employees. This module is use to reduce the causes and reasons which are hindering in the way out for successful accomplishment of goals at the rightly required time.

Besides, using variant components of performance improvement plan, project managers can project the long run benefits of specified behavior policies and letting their employees and subordinate managers to cut down the unnecessary attitude segments from their professional working.

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