Topic: “Pharmacy Bill Format Excel” Want to save time when preparing invoices for your customers or want to get professional invoices in seconds? Want to create bills for your customers easily at pharmacy store or at hospital pharmacy? Want to keep copy in the computer records of all the sales and purchases made In your pharmacy on the specific date? As we know customers have more expectations when making a purchase, this is implemented on the need of professional invoices even more!

With pharmacy bill format excel, there is no need to rely on manual records for the billing! Moreover the bills can be formulated in seconds saving down your time with all the sale transaction details in the most organized manner possible! To tell the truth, you are able to modify your template according to your needs as well!

Format of Medical Bill Template Excel

Content of Pharmacy Bill Format Excel:

5+ Sample pharmacy bill format templates:

Sample 1:

Pharmacy Bill Format Excel

Template 2 ‘Medical Bill’

Pharmacy Bill Format Excel

Sample 3; Pharmacy Bill Template:

Pharmacy Bill Format Excel

Manage your pharmacy well with having a look at the components of this bill in excel:

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Basic details

Each invoice looks like the other but there is actually a difference in basic details of each invoice! This bill in excel consists of

To: it consists of customer name

Your pharmacy name on the invoice top along the logo! Date and invoice number are also part of the basic details. They are generated automatically.

Other: other details consist of the pharmacy address and phone number, license number and type of sale as well:

Table with the sale transaction details

Row1: it basically shows the content of your bill as well as the sale transaction details part of the bill. The row shows the headings for the table like, “quantity”, “products”, rate” and “amount”.

Row 2 & 3: it is time to enter the details of the sale transaction.

For example, add the number of medicines purchased at the pharmacy, add the products name or type in the cell under products, rate for the single medicine or item and amount consisting of the total for this product. The amount is calculated automatically!

Free Medical Bill/Invoice Template Format


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This section of the bill consists of total items, gross total, discount if any, and net amount. This saves time and prevents any cheats at your pharmacy store!

Terms and conditions: depending on the terms ad conditions you can add them now! If you are accepting returned items add the terms here along the exchange policy as well as the number of days allowed for this exchange! Add discount policy here as well!

Sample Medical Laboratory Invoice Template

Features of the Medical Receipt Template Excel:

Coming in professional appearance the template has other features like:

  • You are able to make changing in the template of any kind!
  • Change the pharmacy name or logo or contact details any time! Insert more contact details if required, like the pharmacy website, if you have any.
  • If you need to include tax rates or percentage you can add it yourself or you can ask us for help!

Hospital Bill Format Word – Medical Invoice

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