How To Create Mis Report Format In Excel

Are you facing complaints from your customers? then your company requires “MIS report“. Which is especially for various purpose, Mis report format in excel for accounts is available here. Business communication process internally and externally attain improvements further using daily MIS reports. Assessing different areas and looking for the gaps which are major cause behind the complaints can minimize if relevant data is available. As well as information of people in the process as mention in MIS report template.

Being a sales manager it is your responsibility to bring positive change in the sales revenue. However it is decreasing, this can manage by making contact to the team involves in production departments, and sales team.

MIS Report Format and Features:

Once proper information is available outlining the solution is quick and simple process:

  • Multiple project completion: different areas are being considered when working on multiple projects therefore report is formulated in excel tool with name of person involved.

  • Order completion report: this MIS report holds information in the columns like order number, shipped on, order quantity, cut quantity, extra cut quantity %, issue to sewing department and stitched quantity.

  • Balance Sheet: Manage your balance using this sheet template below fields includes current assets, current liabilities section.

MIS report format


  • Relevant data: breakdown of quantity information is also part of this report and show details of color and sizes as well for the stitched pieces.

MIS report format

Grab your copy of Mis Report Template for Accounts:

Mis Report Download: Link (Outbound): Link (Reference): Link

Daily MIS report format

Although, MIS is generally for monthly or quarterly problem for coming up with solution. However if some problems are occurring daily in the business and affecting it, MIS report template helps in any way. Holding date of the issue, persons involve and %age affect can part of general report.


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