There are various tools and options in Microsoft excel to represent versatile modes of information. Thematic maps are also visionary equipment for representing the demographics of any specific region, connecting the larger base with a theme and showing the information piece in easy orientation.

Maps in excel are quite out of sense generally and people may ask the question about how to create them in MS excel. But the best part of diversity in features and applications about excel is that you can even create thematic maps in it. There are simple and easy tutorials which readily make you enable about how to create these demographical maps and representing the information in easily understandable form by just putting a glance on it. Rather than taking a review of statistics and calculating figures, it is way easier to see and perceive the images.

Creating Thematic Maps| a Procedure:

Thematic maps are the direction based maps which carry various color or themed sections depending upon the ratios and margins set in the alignment while construction them. By looking at each different colored region and its perspective based description, the entire details can be understood in a while.

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How to create thematic map in excel

Before creating maps, you need to identify the possible segments you need to mention in the map. Further you have to select the parameters of statistics and define the mode of calculation for it. After you have decided all the desired values for calculations, you need to derivate them through formulas to ad up the map on real data basis.

Creating through Excel

Creating maps on excel is barely a short procedure and it reduces the effort of both creating long charts and descriptions and understanding them in hours. It paves through the information in rapidly descriptive form which saves much time on professional working notes.

Followed here is a brief detail of the procedure about how to create maps by using MS excel;

Step 1- Import the Map file into excel for shaping reference

Step 2- Import data into excel for joining the axis of different segments

Step 3- Link the table of data to the figure

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These three are the major task you need to do while creating a thematic map. Now let’s we explain how to do each of these tasks individually.

  1. Choose the map and paste it to a new excel sheet.
  2. Removes the keys as you have to create your own
  3. Go to the arrange button and choose the selection pane
  4. Right click on the map and choose for the alignment if you want to move it up or down
  5. Now renaming the shapes, you can choose selection pane and press rename options. Now customize.

Thematic Maps in Excel Are Too Easy to Draw and Use

Using the smart ways of presenting the information and reducing the effort to update all long sheets, it is way much easier to input the updated statistics and the whole region list is updated only by using thematic maps in excel which turns the task of data management too easy.

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