Usually at banks and other saving organizations where people approach to deliver a certain amount with receiving of deposit, there is a format based Sample Bank deposit slip which is drafted to acknowledge all the relevant information as per the requirement. This slip has no ambiguous blocks and sections of details which are irrelevant to the purpose. Once you go to the bank and ask them for depositing your money in the mentioned account, bank gives you a slip to fill it and deposit the money according to the procedure.

This slip is usually based on the petty sections of some details which care required to keep a record of activity in particular style. As you fill the bank slip, bank officer receives the money and stamps that slip providing you a carbon copy of it. You can keep that deposit slip as the only proof that you submitted the amount.

bank dopsit slip sample

Format of Deposit Slip

At different banks, there are different but almost matching formats. The basic draft of deposit slip basically depends on the parameters of information required at record keeping of bank for example the currency type, date and day, account title and account number along with the descriptive form of amount written in both words and alphabets.

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Further on, bank’s branch and its specific code is also mentioned to make the transaction record more clear and easy to access. There remains no complication in investigating any complication coming the way of payment records and funds transfer to the account when you have a format deposit slip as a proof. It clarifies all the measures being taken.

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